SharkTank, but with Punks

PunksDen is a platform where web3 founders can join a Shark Tank themed competition, with judges being prominent CryptoPunk holders.

Projects that win PunksDen will receive strategic consulting from our CryptoPunk Council, a credibility and visibility boost both within and beyond the Punk community, and can easily apply for funding from our collaborating DAOs and VCs.

Looking for PunksClub?

How it works?

Project submission
First step is to fill out our simple application form, we’ll verify if you can progress to the next stage.

PunksDen Council internal voting
Projects will be voted upon by our council of CryptoPunk holders. Projects getting the most votes will proceed to the next stage.

PunksDen Twitter Spaces
This is the main event - you’ll be able to pitch your project to 5 CryptoPunks, get direct feedback and critique.

Winning this step means that you’ve won PunksDen. You’ll receive an “Verified by PunksDen” NFT badge, and your project will be presented to all PunksDen NFT holders, on our social media and to collaborating DAOs & VCs.

Every winning project must provide a special drop or set of benefits for PunksDen NFT holders.

Webinars with PunksDen Council members
Founders of the winning projects will have video sessions with the Council to consult and strategize on the future of their business.

Benefits for the PunksDen Community
Projects that won will distribute their drops to PunksDen NFT holders.

Meet our Council:

A nomadic banker turned investor. Over 17 years’ in financial markets, across 5 countries, managing multi-billion portfolio across public and private markets, a private investor, past mentor to tech startups for incubators, with a 7 Punk portfolio, his beard is real.
Generated millions from crypto investments since 2016, co-launched several funds, including venture firm for web3 with 15+ devs. Portfolio of 30 startups and launching an NFT fund for institutional in partnership with a multi-billion dollar Swiss asset manager.

A multilingual Singaporean, Felix is a seasoned entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in traditional finance, including investment banking, hedge funds, fund raising and regulatory & compliance matters in Singapore, Japan, and Dubai.
His project, Salad Ventures, is backed by leading investors such as Gemini, Alameda Research, Multicoin Capital, Santiago R Santos, Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, Jack Herrick, among others.

lorepunk is a leading Web3 storyteller who’s written for top collections and artists, including Nouns, Forgotten Runes, and Dario de Siena. She’s a member of Accelerate Art and Etherpoems.
She's also the editor of Post (#CryptoPunk newsletter).

The Peoples Degen
Ran 20+ global hackathons that generated 500+ ideas of which several have become unicorns.
Now, founder of Smashverse, next generation battle arena melee combat game.

Axu is a former investment banker with deep experience in mergers and acquisitions for technology, media, and telecommunications companies. Throughout his career, he has lived in dozens of cities across four countries and has developed a particular interest in Greater China. Through his family office, he has venture invested in multiple companies with $10+ billion valuations in the USA, Israel, and China.
In his free time, he enjoys traveling and reviewing his favorite hotels on Instagram.

Arkaydeus is a long time investor and builder in the digital asset space. Having over 30 years experience as a developer and working for more than a decade in financial services, he now spends his time building Web3 projects, DAOs and helping other founders. 100+ investments in the domain.

DrCryptoNFT is an internationally recognized leader in computer science and healthcare with over 25 years of experience in executive management. His passion for decentralized technology has guided his entry into the world of blockchain, NFTs, and fine art.
Often described as a “modern-day renaissance man,” DrCryptoNFT has extensive multidisciplinary expertise in e-commerce, cloud architecture, marketing, business process, user experience, requirement analysis, enterprise software development, deployment, and life-cycle management. His unique combination of skill, passion, autonomy, and connection makes him one of the most innovative and influential leaders in Web3 today.

Valko is a Web3 expert and VC investor with 10+ years of experience helping startups raise $75M+ in capital. He started investing in Bitcoin in 2011, minted his first NFT in 2017, and is a proud holder of 4 CryptoPunks. Valko recently founded V³ Consulting to help creators, startups, and brands launch into Web3.
Previously, Valko was Chief of Staff at Yat/Tari Labs, where he led the development of 3 dApps and 6 smart contracts. Before that, he led a Fortune 500 company’s $100M venture capital fund and digital transformation strategy. Additionally, Valko is an SEC/FINRA licensed Securities Principal and holds his Series 7, 24, and 63 licenses. Valko cannot wait to bring his VC and Web3 experience together to support PunksDen in building the future of Web3.

Plutonium F.
Plutonium is a designer, entrepreneur, and digital art curator. He has been a lead designer for 10+ web3, gaming, virtual and augmented reality organizations.
He has been chosen as a community curator for Art Blocks. He is also currently building his own venture in the NFT space.

Entrepreneur, artist, builder and crypto/macro investor. Broad experience from set up to exit including fundraising, marketing/sales, working with dev teams and generative art. Highlights include setup/exit from media businesses (value in excess of $30 million). MA in Art History (Distinction) and Fine Art BA at Goldsmiths College. Early investor in BTC (2013) and ETH (2016). Recently managed developer team to build staking and gaming smart contracts.

Sean Bonner
Sean is a serial entrepreneur with three decades of experience building record labels, art galleries, hackerspaces, and blog networks. He’s been a Singularity University Mentor & Shuttleworth Fellow. As cofounder of the environmental nonprofit Safecast, he advised Keio University’s Blockchain Research Lab and MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative. Sean now leads Obey Giant’s web3 efforts and is a founding member of Japan based web3 venture fund gmjp.

Lambi is a Creative Director with a fascination for red pills and human behaviour. He's bringing 10 years of traditional ad agency experience to explore the potential of Web3. He's looking to use blockchain infrastructure in creative ways to benefit users in their digital lives without neglecting the "in real life" connection. At OG Studio he’s taking on concepts and visuals for brands and organizations that take the Web3 leap. He's based in Belgium in between remote working periods to discover new ways of living and communication. His love for other languages (speaks Dutch, English and French) definitely helps.

Artus van Frahm
Artus is the co-founder and CEO of Frahm, building the metaverse frame maker.
In 2016, he co-founded blockLAB, a German non-profit association to advocate for crypto.
Artus brings more than 10 years of experience in building tech products and companies.

Big boss for global bank running Capital Markets in APAC. 25+ years in the trenches trading interest rates. Sit on 2 corporate boards, NFT believer, Arts, English Lit, History background launching a web3/art/culture gazette.
Frequent guest on BBC business news - loves the spotlight.

Worked in crypto for 7+ years and founded multiple Start-Ups. He has been an active investor with for the past years and invested in 100+ Web3 projects. He has been advising and mentoring Web3 founding teams and accelerators on how to launch their products and G2M. His current focus is around metaverse, privacy, impact and DAOs.

For the past 6 years I have spent my time researching and investing in crypto projects, in the process earning 7 figures from nothing. I co-founded PangeaDAO a year ago and have spent the past 12 months diving deep into the metaverse and building our DAO. I’ve found that the projects which can truly drive change in the long-term don’t necessarily fit today’s narrative, and many of my most successful investments have come from holding a contrarian view. In the past couple of years I’ve travelled to 50+ countries, worked in a street kitchen in Mexico (because I wanted to learn how to make the perfect taco), opened a contemporary art gallery, filmed a wildlife documentary in Mozambique, and recently moved back to London.

Nizzar is a former marketer who worked with +500 brands and organizations s.a. the UN, USAID, IOM, today fully reconverted and 100% dedicated to WEB3 investment and ecosystem building. He co-founded NCEPTION a fully decentralized ecosystem based on a new financial model connected to NFTS. He is today focused on changing the way foundations are raising money for causes via blockchain technologies & applications.

Want to join our council? Reach out.
Our advisors:

John Karp
John is an entrepreneur and has been evolving for fifteen years in the field of technology. Specialized in mobile applications, he co-founded Food Reporter, a precursor of culinary social networks, then BeMyApp where he organized hackathons where developers have 48 hours to design an original application.
John became interested in NFTs at the very beginning of the March 2020 lockdown, first as an investor and then as a collector. Captivated by this universe, he now devotes a french podcast to it, NFT Morning. And since that wasn't enough for him, he decided to share his passion and his experience of NFTs in the book NFT Revolution and to gather the European communities with an Event called the Non Fungible Conference. He was one of the first founders of the NFT Factory and is currently acting as a Director.

Jordan Lyall
Jordan Lyall is the founder and CEO of VenturePunk, a web3 product studio. A veteran builder in web2 and web3 Jordan previously served as CPO and Co-Founder of Nifty's Inc, an NFT platform for community engagement.
Widely considered a pioneer at the intersection of media and technology, Jordan founded the MEME Project, an early experimental NFT protocol in 2020. Prior, Jordan led product teams for the DeFi division at ConsenSys and served as the CPO at Totle, a crypto liquidity network. In addition, he co-founded Make Believe Labs, a mobile app startup which was acquired by JibJab.

Partner DAOs / VCs / Investors

2 Punks Capital
by Stephen Sullivan - General Partner

2 Punks Capital is a fund investing in the builders and future of web3, NFTs, DAOs. Early stage companies. We’re underway raising a $25m fund to invest in our friends and colleagues at the forefront of web3. Many of which are building companies, DAOs, and other things that we believe we can be helpful in getting off the ground.

Punk DAO
by Arkaydeus

Punk DAO is a lot of things, but above all, we are the home of Punk holders who want our community to grow and prosper. The DAO comprises two core components:
- Punk Community
- Punk Ventures

Punk Community is a DAO open to all punkholders. We seek to represent all punkholders and organise the community.

by Amit Mukherjee

Chainforest leads the first round of investment (pre-seed / seed) for a web3 founder with a $250-750k commitment. We focus on founders with world-bending ambitions to disrupt the world’s largest markets of spend and attention.

In web3, we anticipate that community native investing organizations will outperform traditional VC firms. All founders benefit from the support of the Chainforest DAO, which is incentivized by the $RAINDROP token (backed by carry in our fund) to participate in the investing process. Founders have received support from the community in a multitude of ways: leveraging deep conversation to understand new web3 models and markets, participating in our Conscious Leadership Group coaching forums, and sourcing their co-founders, early employees, and alpha testers.

Benefits for founders of projects approved by PunksDen Council:

Receive the “Verified by PunksDen” NFT badge to place on their sites, in marketing campaigns, and investor materials.

Listing on PunksDen and PunksClub websites

Promotion on PunksDen, PunksClub and our Council social media

Webinars with Council members

Invitations to events organized by Punk holders

Direct access to members of PunksDAO and other collaborating DAOs, for funding

Submit your project